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Weighing scale: specific reason analysis of zero drift of weighing scale

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2020/07/09 15:32
 Weighing scale is a common on-line detection equipment in the market. It is an intelligent and convenient solution to realize automatic weighing and sorting according to the weight level of the product. We will have some problems when using the weight check scale, the more common is the zero drift, the following Xinzhonghang electromechanical equipment to specific description.
 There are obstacles in the components
1. The load cell is faulty. Load cell aging, output signal instability or error, will lead to the emergence of zero drift.
2. The speed sensor is faulty. Speed sensor and load cell, if the output signal is not stable, it will lead to zero drift.
3. The weighing instrument is out of order. The aging of weighing instrument will cause measurement error and zero drift of belt scale.
Analysis of specific reasons for zero drift of weighing scale
There are some problems with the belt conveyor
1. There is material sticking on the belt conveyor.
If the humidity of the material transported by the belt conveyor is too high, some materials will stick to the conveyor, which will cause the zero point drift of the belt scale.
2. The belt tension is unstable. The belt tension is not enough, the belt appears slack, and the belt tension is unstable, these two situations will cause zero drift phenomenon.
3. Belt deviation. The belt deviation will make the force of belt scale unstable during weighing, which will lead to zero drift of belt scale.
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