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Application of High-tech in Packaging Machinery

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2018/03/13 11:32

From the aspect of characteristics, it can be divided into two types: brittle chips and non-brittle, and can be divided into strips and blocks from the aspect of shape. According to the characteristics of special-shaped food materials, this article mainly studies the three types of special-shaped food packaging production line:brittle special-shaped food packaging production line, fruit and vegetable special-shaped food packaging production line and meat shaped food packaging production line, due to its special material properties and shape of the inconsistency, automatic The packaging is more difficult. In China, it has been dominated by hand-operated and semi-automatic packaging for many years. However, in developed countries, such foods have already been mechanically automated. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance to develop high-efficiency and high-quality shaped food packaging production lines, develop multi-functional automation and high-speed intelligence, improve the automation level of food packaging, and shorten the gap between China's packaging machinery and developed countries. Development Status of Alien Food Packaging Production Line Recently, domestically shaped foods mainly consisted of manual and semi-automatic packaging. The brittle special-shaped food packaging machine had only a single vacuum inflatable sealing semi-blanket moving packaging machine. There was no efficient and continuous high-degree bag forming and filling. Sealing packaging machine production line Fruit and vegetable and meat shaped food packaging is mainly manual operation, there is no complete automatic packaging production line. Sealing and packaging machinery has developed rapidly in recent years. Through the digestion and absorption of foreign products of the same type and development of white lines, there has been great development and improvement in technology. The domestically produced bags are used to form a uniform packaging machine. Most of the models used for small-scale packaging account for approximately the total output value. They solve the problem of liquid paste powder and granular materials, but they cannot be used for packaging. Shaped food packaging. However, it is still not advanced enough and is not perfect. Its development is still far from meeting the needs of today's agricultural development. As this type of packaging machine is an efficient and serialized multi-functional high-tech product, it requires the application of advanced technologies and advanced processing methods such as acousto-optical liquid-gas and so on. Therefore, compared with similar foreign products, the product quality is high and new. There is a wide range of gaps in applications and product varieties.