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How to clean and maintain the automatic weighing scale

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2020/02/27 10:22
  As the main automatic weighing equipment commonly used in all walks of life, the checkweigher is not new to everyone. The checkweigher can save cost and improve efficiency for enterprises, but when it takes a long time, there will be some problems, mostly caused by long time of not cleaning and maintenance. So how to clean the automatic weighing scal?
Clean the weighing platform of the checkweigher :
  After cutting off the power supply, unplug the power cord, dry the gauze after soaking in water, and then dip a small amount of neutral detergent to clean the scale pan, display filter and other parts of the scale body. For the conveyor belt that can be loaded and unloaded by the inspection scale, it can be cleaned with warm water once a week.
To clean the printer:
  If the device is equipped with a printer, take it out of the printer, release the print head, use the special print head cleaning pen attached to the scale to gently wipe the print head, clean and wipe the cap to prevent the cleaning liquid in the pen from volatilizing, wait for 2 minutes, after the cleaning liquid on the print head volatilizes fully, close the print head and push the printer back into the scale.
Cleaning of main engine:
 After cutting off the power supply, prevent electric shock, and then start to clean the weight sorter; pay attention not to use diluent, benzene and other organic solvents - to prevent corrosion of objects and the body, affecting the use; do not use metal brush, to prevent scratches on objects and the body.
Maintenance of checkweigher:
If the pollution caused by touch and fingerprint can not be completely removed with neutral detergent or soap, it can be wiped with sponge or cloth containing organic solvent (alcohol, gasoline, etc.); if the rust caused by the adhesion of cleaning agent cannot be removed with neutral detergent, please use cleaning solution Rust caused by iron powder or salt during machine operation can be wiped with sponge or cloth containing neutral detergent or soapy water, which can be easily removed and wiped clean.