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Online automatic sorting scale CW-60B
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Online automatic sorting scale CW-60B

Scope of application
It is used to detect whether the weight of the finished product after various pouch packaging is in line with the set target, and automatically reject the substandard products.
Category:Multi-stage sorting checkweigher
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Product description

1. Scope of application

It is used to detect whether the weight of the finished product after various pouch packaging is in line with the set target, and automatically reject the substandard products.

2. Features

 The exterior is made of 304 stainless steel.                                        
 New highly integrated modular control system.
 The positive and negative sorting device of the weighing plate can realize the elimination and sorting of qualified and out-of-tolerance.
 According to the production situation, the parameters can be directly modified during operation, which is easy to operate.
 The touch screen operation interface can set different weight, precision and selection range.
 It has the function of automatic correction of the tape.
 The qualified and out-of-tolerance conveyor belts run independently.

3. Technical parameters

model CW-60B
Weighing range 0.5-100g
The highest weighing accuracy 3σ ±0.02g
Maximum weighing speed 40pcs/min
Weighing plate specifications D100-200
Parameter preset number 100
power 200W
power supply 220v/50/60Hz/1A


Product specification and model confirmation
maximum throughput 40 pieces/min (depending on the material)
Classification interval Pass/Out of tolerance
Weighing table height 250mm (can be customized)
frame Standard Rack 304 Stainless Steel
conveyor Standard material (high-strength special aluminum profile)
control panel 7 inch color touch screen
conveying direction Forward and reverse
Communication Interface RS232, RS485 optional, output weight and sorting statistics
power supply 220VAC, 50Hz, 200W single-phase power supply, reliable grounding
Use environment The installation site of the checkweigher should avoid vibration and air flow. Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃



Fourth, the configuration details:

serial number name Model/Specification brand Origin/Manufacturer quantity
1 weighing controller CB60 Self development China 1
2 load cell PW6D-C3MR HBM Germany 1
3 Drive power LRS-200-24 Mean Well Taiwan 1
4 drive motor FY42EC230BC1-8P FOYO Sino-Italian joint venture 1
5 Stainless Steel Weights M1-100g Shui Ling China 1
6 motor drive FYDB508T YIQU Sino-Italian joint venture 1
7 touch screen TPC7002 MC China 1
8 light alarm TD-50 HNTD China 1

The above parameters are standard models, other changes are non-standard customization.

Scope of application: pharmaceutical, food, hardware accessories, toys, daily chemicals and other products.

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Online automatic sorting scale CW-60B
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